The campaign of Democrat Zephyr Teachout this afternoon released a BuzzFeed-like listicle of 10 reasons why Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s lawyers should drop its effort to toss her off the Sept. 9 primary ballot.

The list of reasons include several snarky jokes about Moreland Commission controversy and a reference to his live-in girlfriend Sandra Lee not obtaining the proper permits for interior renovations to the home she and Cuomo share in Westchester County.

But the bottom line of the list written by Teachout campaign manager Mike Boland is this: Cuomo’s campaign is wasting their time pursuing the legal challenge.

The list includes barbs aimed at the perception Cuomo is “a bully” and notes the insurgent primary effort has been raising some campaign cash off the effort.

A state Supreme Court judge in Brooklyn on Monday ruled in Teachout’s favor after Cuomo’s campaign challenged her residency status in New York, charging the Fordham law professor hasn’t lived in the state long enough to qualify for the ballot.

The Cuomo campaign’s lawyer in the case, former Sen. Marty Connor, said in a statement the campaign will appeal.

Cuomo and his running mate Kathy Hochul have said the challenge is a matter of following the law.

But the continued effort to knock Teachout off the ballot continues to give her free press (like this blog post!) and reinforces the notion that the governor is concerned about a challenge from his left flank.

Not being challenged by Cuomo is comedian and activist Randy Credico, who will be on the primary ballot next month.

The full list of reasons from the Teachout campaign is after the jump.

10. The trial reinforces view that the Governor is a bully (see NYT editorial).

9. The law is pretty clear on this, which is why we decimated him in the first round of the trial. It’s just going to happen again.

8. Voters don’t like people who sue people for no reason, especially when they do it over and over again.

7. The Governor should really be distancing himself from subpoenas right now, don’t you think?

6. Where exactly was the Governor living before he ran in 2002? Oh yeah, he was in DC doing his part to create the mortgage crisis.

5. The Governor has a whole property tax avoidance scandal that we weren’t even bringing up, but probably will now.

4. We’re raising money off of it. Without even sending out an email to our list, yesterday alone we got more new donors than he did in his entire last filing. That’s literally true! Only 37 people in all of New York state like the Governor enough to have contributed in his last filing.

3. The Governor might unwittingly squash one of the subpoenas his own lawyer issued just out of sheer force of habit, establishing a pattern of behavior that may be used against him in a court of law.

2. The Governor’s lawyer gets paid double for the bad advice he gave in the first place. What kind of world do we live in where you get paid double when you lose? And Marty Connor ain’t cheap.

1. The Governor will be tempted to tamper with the witnesses in this case, too — he just can’t seem to help himself when it comes to that sort of thing. The last thing he needs right now is another witness tampering warning from a federal prosecutor.