Last week, the campaign of Republican candidate for governor Rob Astorino released a 100-page report on the intersecting circles of donors to Gov. Andrew Cuomo who also happen to have lucrative state contracts.

The report showed $2.7 million in contributions over the years to Cuomo, with $7.2 billion in contracts from the state doled out.

Today, the state Democratic Committee showed Astorino’s donors have also benefited from the largesse of Westchester County.

Astorino, the county executive since 2009, has received $907,669 from donors with business before the county worth $709 million.

And Cuomo’s allies put Astorino’s opposition research in perspective: Cuomo’s donors with state contracts account for 3.4 percent of all contributions. Astornio’s donors with county contracts, meanwhile, account for 8 percent.

“From the perch of his glass house, pay-to-play Republican Rob Astorino likes to scold others about fundraising practices he has been the poster child for,” said Democratic committee spokesman James Freedland. “Now that he has been exposed, will Astorino return the nearly $1 million in contributions he received from corporations that have contracts with Westchester County? And will he apologize for being part of the ‘pay-to-play corporate cronyism machine’ he continues to express faux outrage about?”

Updated: Astorino spokeswoman Jessica Proud responds, noting the contracts cited by Democrats are competitively bid and approved by the Board of Acquisitions and Contracts.

“It’s not even an appropriate comparison. County contracts are competitively bid and selected unanimously by The Board of Acquisitions and Contracts with Democratic approval from the Chairman of the Board of Legislators. There is also a professional qualifications board that ensures all bidders meet the qualifications for the contract. The County Executive also increased transparency by posting all the contracts in full online and records the contract meetings.”

Astorino Pay to Play Report by Nick Reisman