Last item from (a very full) Morning Memo:

There have been multiple reports that Cuomo’s primary win this past Tuesday came at a steep price – both literally and figuratively.

The cost-per-vote calculation that has been widely cited was initially reported by The Washington Post’s “Fix” blog, which said the Cuomo-Hochul campaign spent $60.62 for each vote it received to Teachout-Wu’s $1.57.

But, as the Fix’s Phillip Bump readily acknowledged, that figure is based on all $20 million worth of campaign cash the governor has spent since 2011 – presumably with an eye toward this year’s elections.

The per-vote cost goes down to $42.64 if you use the amount Cuomo has spent in 2014 (about $14 million).

That’s still pretty high. And the governor’s campaign maintains it’s also still inaccurate.

By Team Cuomo’s calculation, it’s unfair to include non-primary spending – on ads slamming Astorino, for example – in the final tally.

According to the campaign, the governor spent $2.6 million on the primary, while his running mate, former Rep. Kathy Hochul, dropped about $800,000, bringing their total to $3.5 million – about $1 million of which was spent on TV ads.

That also accounts for spending by the state Democratic Party, which, as we know, acts as an extension of the governor’s political operation. (Note: This has been corrected from the Morning Memo version, which said the $3.5 million total did NOT include state party spending).

Using the Cuomo campaign’s numbers, the per-vote cost was closer to $10.69 – still a lot more than Teachout-Wu spent, but considerably less than $60.62.