Team Astorino buried the lede earlier today in its Putin-better-on-debating-than-Cuomo news release: The Republican’s gubernatorial campaign has agreed “tentatively” to one televised debate in Buffalo that the Cuomo campaign signed up for late last month.

The debate would be broadcast on public television and sponsored by The Buffalo News. It would include Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins and Libertarian candidate Michael McDermott.

From the news release:

“The only debate tentatively scheduled — no firm date is set — would be a local debate held in Buffalo that will include minor party candidates, cutting in half the time Mr. Astorino and Mr. Cuomo will have to discuss key issues, like tax reform, economic development, the Moreland Commission Scandal, and Common Core. That debate will be hosted by The Buffalo News and the local PBS affiliate. Astorino efforts to include broadcast television outlets have been rebuffed.”

Astorino is still insisting on a one-on-on televised debate with Cuomo.

Team Cuomo, meanwhile, is questioning why Astorino’s campaign is turning down a chance to appear on WNYC in New York City.

In a statement, Cuomo spokesman Matt Wing said the governor’s campaign accepts the Republican rival’s “baffling decision” to agree to only the TV debate and not accept the one-on-one radio forum.

“The more desperate Rob Astorino gets, the more bizarre his political manipulations become. First Astorino wanted a debate anytime, anywhere including with others – now he won’t show up to a one-on-one debate with the Governor on the most listened to public radio station in the country. We accept the Astorino campaign’s baffling decision and look forward to participating in the live televised debate both sides accepted which will be broadcast statewide.”

The saga over the debates came to a head when Cuomo’s campaign agreed to two debates, with emails showing little negotiation over the terms of those forums.

Astorino, perhaps out maneuvered somewhat, insisted a TV debate with Cuomo and not the minor-party candidates was needed.

Cuomo insisted last week the two debates accepted by his campaign struck the “right balance.”