Gov. Andrew Cuomo insisted on Wednesday that the terms of the two debates his campaign agreed to provided for the “right balance.”

The proposal, made Saturday, would provide for one televised debate in Buffalo featuring the governor, Republican Rob Astorino, Libertarian candidate Mike McDermott and Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins.

A second debate, which would be only on WNYC radio, would feature Cuomo and Astorino.

An invitation for a statewide debate made by Time Warner Cable News and NY1 was rejected.

“Everybody had a different opinion,” Cuomo told reporters in Albany on Wednesday. “Some people wanted all candidates, some people wanted one on ones, some people say candidates accept this one. We tried to hit the right balance. I think we did.”

Pressed on why a debate in New York City wouldn’t be televised, Cuomo said viewers there could watch the one in Buffalo, which would be broadcast on public television.

“I think they can figure out how to publicize it in New York City when it happens in Buffalo,” Cuomo said. “We have technology now.”

The Astorino campaign is not happy with the structure of the debates as proposed by Cuomo’s re-election team.

Republicans say no negotiations were made over the debates, and the Cuomo’s team agreement to the forums caught them by surprise.

Astorino, who had previously been open to including Hawkins in at least one debate, has said he would debate Cuomo at any time and wants the one-on-one debate to be televised.

But for now, the Cuomo team does not seem to be budging on what it has agreed to.

“I think we struck the right balance,” Cuomo said. “You could say we couldn’t do any debates, you could say we should one debate, two debates, 10 debates. I think we struck the right balance.”