Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor Kathy Hochul on Friday released five years of tax returns, a period that covers a broad swath of her recent resume in the public and private sector.

Hochul, a former representative from western New York, released tax information dating back to 2009, when she was the Erie County clerk.

The information was made available to reporters in New York City; Cuomo’s campaign in an email to Capital Tonight sent over top lines detailing her gross adjusted income, federal and state taxes paid as well as her charitable contributions from 2009 through 2013.

The information shows Hochul’s income grew by more than $100,000 during those years.

Starting in 2009, Hochul earned $228,104. Hochul won her seat in Congress in a 2011 special election.

Last, after leaving Congress following her loss to Republican Chris Collins, Hochul reported $337,432. Before joining Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s ticket as his preferred nominee for lieutenant governor, Hochul was vice president of government relations at M&T Bank.

Hochul last year reported paying $70,640 in federal taxes and $20,279 in state taxes.

Her charitable contributions in amount to $24,360.

Democrats, meanwhile, called on Republican candidate for governor Rob Astorino to release more information on his own tax returns. Astorino has released a year; Democrats say he should release five, which they call the “bare minimum” standard set by George Pataki in 1994.

“It has now been 25 days since we first called on Rob Astorino to release his tax returns,” said Democratic spokesman Peter Kauffmann. “We will be making five years of Kathy Hochul’s returns available even though Astorino and his running mate have not met anywhere close to this minimum level of transparency for statewide candidates. No matter what he’s hiding in those missing four years of returns, there is no excuse for his continued refusal to come clean with the people of New York.”

LG_Kathy Hochul Tax Returns by Nick Reisman