As reported earlier by The Daily News, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has become the latest possible 2016 presidential candidate to help Rob Astorino’s gubernatorial campaign.

In a fundraising email released this morning, Bush points to New York’s poor showing compared to other states when it comes to taxes and business climate — key talking points from the Astorino campaign.

“A strong governor can make a tremendous difference in turning a state around,” Bush writes. “With pro-growth fiscal policies, a quality education system and lower taxes, there is no reason why New York cannot rebound as an economic powerhouse. We did it in Florida. You can do it in New York.”

It’s interesting that Bush would help Astorino considering the latter’s opposition to the Common Core education standards.

Astorino is running on a ballot line created by Republicans called “Stop Common Core” and has pledged to withdraw the state from the controversial standards.

Bush has been a strong proponent of Common Core, which has put him at odds with elements of the Republican Party opposed to the standards.

Earlier this week, Texas Gov. Rick Perry campaigned with Astorino on Long Island and later flew to Buffalo for a fundraiser with Carl Paladino, the party’s 2010 nominee.

Perry’s appearance wasn’t lost on Democrats, who tied Astorino to some of Perry’s conservative social positions.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, another potential 2016 contender, is also due to host a fundraiser with Astorino.

This comes as New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who has a strong public relationship with Gov. Andrew Cuomo, has not campaigned or help raise money for Astorino, the county executive in Westchester.