Sen. Liz Krueger, an outspoken Manhattan Democrat, is stepping up her criticism of Cuomo’s Women’s Equality Party push, calling an email sent by the governor urging voters to support him on the new party’s line in next week’s election “disturbing.”

Cuomo’s email landed in the in-boxes of his fellow Democrats (and a few reporters) yesterday morning.

“It’s time for a party whose singular goal is equality for women, a party that knows women work as hard as men do and is committed to getting them equal pay,” the governor wrote.

“A party where protecting a woman’s right to choose is a priority, not an afterthought. A party that believes women deserve to stand at the front of the line.”

“…If at least 50,000 of us vote on the Women’s Equality Party line on November 4th, together we will ensure that women’s issues are no longer something politicians think they can disregard.

Please pledge to vote for me and Kathy Hochul on the Women’s Equality Party line on November 4th and together we’ll make history.”

Krueger has called Cuomo’s creation of the WEP a “mistake” that could cost the Senate Democrats votes – and perhaps ruin their chances of re-taking the majority – because most of their candidates didn’t qualify to run on the new party line.

“This whole plan will come back to bite women and Democrats in our derrieres,” Krueger wrote in an email sent to her supporters yesterday.

“Running on the WEA issues and pointing out that the R’s are stopping these issues from being passed as laws – absolutely.”

“Urging the creation of a different party for women – beyond unjustified.”

The subject line of Krueger’s email: “Cuomo writes: This is Important. I say, This is Disturbing.”

It was not lost on political insiders that Cuomo’s email mimicked the electronic missives frequently sent out by the Working Families Party, which is frantically reminding its supporters to vote for Cuomo on Row D, even as he ignores – and even seeks to undermine – the minor party.

If the WFP – which just so happens to be one letter away from the WEP – fails to get 50,000 votes for Cuomo on its line next Tuesday, it will lose its official party status, and its clout, for the next four years.

WFP allies insist the party won’t miss the crucial vote threshold, but admit it’s possible another minor party – perhaps even the Greens, whose gubernatorial candidate, Howie Hawkins, is putting in a strong performance this election season – could surpass them in the final tally and bump them from Row D.

Some insiders have even speculated that the Greens could perform so well next Tuesday, thanks in part to Hawkins’ support among disaffected former backers of Cuomo’s primary opponent, Zephyr Teachout, that they could oust the Conservative Party from its new perch on Row C, which it gained four years ago due to the strong showing in Western New York by GOP/Conservative gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino.

Yesterday, Mike Boland, who left the WFP in disgust after it gave Cuomo its endorsement and took a job running Teachout’s campaign, sent out an email urging WFP supporters to join him in voting for Cuomo on Row D.