Gov. Andrew Cuomo, along with his three daughters and girlfriend, Sandra Lee, star in a video urging voters to back the Women’s Equality Party.

The governor unveiled the video this weekend on the Women’s Equality Express bus tour, which took its second leg in the New York City area after campaigning in upstate cities.

In the video, Cuomo, along with daughters Mariah, Cara and Michaela say women are more likely to be sexually harassed in the workplace and will earn on average less than men.

“And there are still people trying to end a woman’s rights to choose,” Lee says.

The ad also suggests Cuomo is interested in making the party more than just a ballot line that appears once this fall, but could even gain automatic status in the next election cycle by achieving 50,000-plus votes.

“Let’s show that our votes count by forming our own Women’s Equality Party this November,” Mariah Cuomo says.

Not everyone is on board with the party, however.

Citizen Action’s Karen Scharff in an interview on Capital Tonight last week questioned the need for a women-centric party.

“Women are actually the vast majority of voters in New York State, and I don’t think we should be pigeonholed in a separate party,” said Scharff, who is also a co-chair of the Working Families Party.

Updated: Astorino spokeswoman Jessica Proud sent this statement in response to the video.

“This is a breathtakingly hypocritical ad from the same governor who protected Shelly Silver from investigation after Silver was caught covering up multiple sex assaults by bigwig Democrats,” she said. “This governor will never be able to look victims in the eye. What an insult this ad is; what a farce.”