An “interested parties” memo from the re-election campaign of Democratic Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is bullish on his chances of re-election, pointing to its fundraising advantage and support from abortion-rights advocates as well as law enforcement groups.

At the same time, the campaign is dinging Republican rival John Cahill for accepting a $41,100 campaign contribution from industrialist David Koch who, it should be noted, has given to Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo in the past.

And while the Schneiderman is happy to tout its support from women’s rights groups as well as various law enforcement labor organizations, fundraising is at the top of their list.

The campaign’s memo points to Schneiderman reserving millions of dollars in air time for the end of the campaign and its large advantage in money in the bank versus Cahill.

“Attorney General Schneiderman’s war chest is more than 25 times that of Cahill’s, according to new fundraising reports filed with the Board of Elections late Friday night,” the memo says. “Schneiderman’s campaign reported outraising Cahill and having $4.7 million in cash on hand – in addition to more than $3 million worth of advertising time the campaign reserved but has not yet aired.”

Cahill, meanwhile, reported $288,595 in cash on hand with 29 days to go before Election Day.

Cahill has spent heavily on TV ads, $1.4 million, while also raising $720,000 during the most recent reporting period.

29-Day State of Race Memo by Nick Reisman