Several good government groups are calling on Governors Andrew Cuomo and Chris Christie to sign a package of bills aimed at reforming the Port Authority that passed its final hurdle in the New Jersey legislature, yesterday.

The bills, designed to provide more transparency and oversight to the agency, have now passed both houses in New Jersey and New York.

The legislation comes after last year’s Bridgegate Scandal, which essentially led to a massive, dangerous roadblock after lanes were closed on the George Washington Bridge. There’s been skepticism whether New Jersey Governor Chris Christie authorized – or even knew about – the closures. It’s been reported that his administration was involved, but Christie says he had nothing to do with the closures.

That back and forth ultimately led to this package of bills. They allow for more transparency in the form of regular audits and the release of documents to the public, as well as a closer look at decisions made by officials in the agency.

The bills now head to the desks of both Governor Andrew Cuomo and Chris Christie – both of which have faced questions about the scandal at one point or another.

In a statement jointly released from Citizens Union, NYPIRG, Reinvent Albany, Tri-State Transportation Campaign, and New Jersey Foundation for Open Government, the groups said, in part:

“After months of controversy, the public deserves a more open and accountable entity that will reform the way it does business. The Port Authority was created in the spirit of bi-state cooperation, and the voters of New Jersey and New York deserve the final approval of these important pieces of legislation. It is only through increased transparency, sound governance, and professional management that public confidence and trust can be restored.

We thank Assemblymembers Valerie Vainieri Huttle and Amy Handlin and Senators Loretta Weinberg, Robert Gordon and Joe Pennacchio for their leadership in New Jersey, as well as Assemblymembers James Brennan and Amy Paulin and Senators Andrew Lanza and Michael Ranzenhofer for their stewardship of the legislation in New York.”