Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration is urging top education officials to further review the “Massachusetts model” of overhauling failing schools through receivership.

Cuomo is pushing a measure this year that is similar to a law adopted in the Bay State in 2010 that allows the state to put struggling schools under a state takeover through a hybrid model.

The first school district in Massachusetts is being targeted for a takeover under that law.

In a letter from State Operations Director Jim Malatras sent this week, Board of Regents Chancellor Merryl Tisch is tasked with conducting “further research” on the Massachusetts education efforts.

Though the first school is going into receivership in Massachusetts under that law, Malatras says the overhaul is working.

“Given the preliminary success in Massachusetts, a similar approach could be transformative in New York,” Malatras writes. “Therefore, we would like the State Education Department to further research the Massachusetts model by performing comprehensive data and field analysis to see how and why the program is working and the specific measures that are making the model a success.”

Cuomo’s takeover proposal for struggling districts is slightly different than the approach Massachusetts adopted.

Under Cuomo’s plan, the state’s takeover of schools would lead to them becoming community schools, which would provide services such as medical and dental care.

This isn’t the first time Malatras has written to the Regents on the education issue.

In December, he called on Department of Education officials to gather recommendations for overhauling the state’s education policy writ large, dropping broad hints that the governor would seek to strengthen the state’s charter schools as well as take a hard line approach on teacher evaluations.

LetterMalatrastoTisch_0.pdf by Nick Reisman