New York voters disagree with his budget tactics of tying so much policy to spending.

They don’t like the 90-day email deletion policy.

Voters trust the teachers union more with handling education policy.

But there is a silver lining for Gov. Andrew Cuomo in today’s Siena College poll: His favorable rating since December is largely unchanged.

Cuomo received a 58 percent favorable rating at the end of 2014. It hit 60 percent in January, and has gone down to 57 percent this month — all results within the margin of error.

This comes despite the hits Cuomo has absorbed in his high-profile battle with the state’s teachers unions, who staunchly oppose his education reform proposals, which include a more stringent teacher evaluation criteria and making it harder for teachers to obtain tenure.

“After three months of hand to hand combat and incredibly personal attacks by the teacher’s union and their allies, this poll shows that their attacks haven’t worked and the Governor’s standing has remained unchanged,” said a Democratic insider close to the governor.

Cuomo has accused of being anti-teacher (the governor notes his mother was a teacher) and knocked for not visiting public schools.

Nevertheless, his job performance remains unchanged, but notably underwater: Only 43 percent of voters approve of the job he is doing, down from 44 percent last month.