Democratic Sen. Liz Krueger on Monday criticized Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration for pursuing an email retention policy that deletes messages after 90 days while simultaneously calling for state lawmakers to reveal more information on their outside business interests.

“I think that the governor believes we should have more transparency, more information flow between legislators and the public,” she said in an interview. “I think the governor just needs to think through is the right hand doing what the left hand is saying.”

As first reported by The New York Post, Krueger plans to introduce a bill that would block the administration’s new email policy.

“I think the governor’s office really missed the boat on this one,” Krueger said. “We’re living in the 21st century. Email is a standard form of communication between people and their government.”

Cuomo spokesman Rich Azzopardi took to Twitter this afternoon with a snarky response to the proposal.

“We’ll review Liz Krueger’s legislation & anticipate it will include provisions opening up the Legislature to FOIL process,” Azzopardi tweeted, prompting a back and forth with a Senate Demcoratic spokesman.

In the interview, Krueger said her bill would cover FOIL as well.

“We should absolutely have a 21st century rational retention policy for all forms of communication, including email. Of course, we should make sure that complies with FOIL, the Freedom of Information Act,” she said.

Up until recent weeks, the mainline conference of Senate Democrats has been hesitant to criticize Cuomo, but lawmakers have parted with him on several issues, including allowing Minority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins into the closed-door budget talks as well as the governor’s education policy proposals in this year’s budget.