The two Democratic lawmakers who back legislation that would block Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s 90-day email deletion policy are calling for an immediate suspension of the purge and ask him that he schedule his promised summit on the state’s Freedom of Information Law.

In a letter to Cuomo released on Wednesday morning, Sen. Liz Krueger and Assemblyman Danny O’Donnell write the deletion policy should be suspended and that new safeguards should be put in place in order to preserve electronic records.

“We urge you to follow through by bringing together relevant parties as soon as possible,” O’Donnell and Krueger write in the letter. “Until such a meeting is held, we urge you to prevent further loss of public records by immediately suspending your administration’s policy of auto-deleting emails after ninety days.”

The call comes after Attorney General Eric Schneiderman last week announced his office would suspend its own 90-day deletion purge policy, which had been in place since Cuomo’s days as attorney general.

Cuomo’s office last week indicated the policy would be revised after criticism mounted over the purge policy, which applies to the executive branch.

But the governor has also challenged lawmakers to voluntarily submit to the state’s Freedom of Information Law.

The Krueger and O’Donnell bill would apply FOIL to the state Legislature.

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