One of the Democratic state lawmakers who is trying to block Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s 90-day email purge policy said in a statement Friday afternoon that a summit on open government is “insufficient.”

Assemblyman Daniel O’Donnell, who along with Manhattan Sen. Liz Krueger, is pushing a bill that would block the delete policy as well as subject the state Legislature to the Freedom of Information, or FOIL, law.

The statement also serves to respond to former Gov. David Paterson’s letter to state lawmakers chiding them for not submitting to the state’s open government laws and suggested the missive was meant to “deflect attention.”

In his statement, O’Donnell said an immediate halt to deletion push is what’s needed, like Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s announcement that he will suspend the 90-day retention policy for his own office.

“While I have worked well with former Governor Paterson in the past in our shared communities, and I appreciate his interest in transparency for our government, I think on this occasion he is working on behalf of others to deflect attention from the crucial matter at hand—an indefensible 90-day email deletion policy,” O’Donnell said. “Governor Cuomo’s proposed meeting to discuss a unified government policy on email is well-intentioned, but simply insufficient. As Attorney General Schneiderman recognized yesterday when he suspended the 90-day policy for his own office, an immediate halt to the practice is necessary. Every single day we wait, emails are being deleted automatically that may prove relevant for future investigations.”