A coalition of philanthropic organizations on Friday released a letter to legislative leaders and Gov. Andrew Cuomo urging them to adopt proposed changes to the state’s juvenile justice system.

At the heart of the push is an effort backed by Cuomo to raise the age of criminal responsibility to be in line with nearly every other state in the country.

“What the data, and the experience of other states, tells us is that this doesn’t make our communities safer,” the groups write. “Instead, children who go through the adult system are more likely to reoffend and less likely to go on to a productive life – making us less safe and ruining lives in the process.”

Those signing on to the letter include the David Rockefeller Fund, the Andrus Family Fund and Tiger Foundation among others.

The letter comes after a group of sheriffs from around state signed a letter backing the juvenile justice reforms as well.

March 5 2015 Letter to Gov Cuomo Senate Majority Leader Skelos and Assembly Speaker Heastie3 by Nick Reisman