The Senate’s one-house budget resolution advanced on Thursday includes a trio of disclosure bills aimed at both the Republican-led chamber and Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

The resolution supports publishing records of “travel, reimbursement and per diems” of state employees.

“The Executive Branch agencies should do the same,” the resolution states.

The Senate backs a plan that would require transparency in procurement procedures along with new disclosure rules for advisory boards and those that advise state agencies on the spending of both federal and state money.

Those proposals were first introduced last month, alongside legislation requiring financial disclosure of non-family members who live with state officials — a measure seemingly aimed at Cuomo’s girlfriend, Sandra Lee (that provision is not included in the resolution).

Cuomo’s ethics measures — aimed at the Legislature, but would also apply to all state employees in the executive branch — would require the reporting of private business clients. Cuomo’s measure would also require receipts for travel reimbursement.

The bills are being linked to spending through Cuomo’s 30-day amendments, measures that neither chamber has introduced at this point over concerns around gubernatorial overreach.

Cuomo has insisted that ethics legislation should be, more broadly, directed at the Legislature considering the spate of corruption arrests and scandals that has engulfed both chambers.

Cuomo himself does have outside income in the form of a book contract with publisher HarperCollins that is worth at least $700,000.