Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos was skeptical on Wednesday afternoon that a legal challenge to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s 30-day budget amendments was needed and was optimistic there would be a compromise on the $142 billion spending proposal.

“I don’t believe there are lawsuits that are necessary,” Skelos said. “We’re going through the 30-day amendments, whatever you want to call them, they’re very complicated. I know the Legislature, the speaker, we’re all looking at them.”

Skelos, along with Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie and Independent Democratic Conference Leader Jeff Klein met with Cuomo privately for more than a hour on Wednesday afternoon.

The meeting came as state lawmakers have so far not introduced Cuomo’s 30-day budget amendments, which tie appropriations in the proposal to new outside income disclosure proposals as well as reforms to the legislative per diem system.

The move is an effort to jam the Legislature in either approving the ethics legislation or voting them down. Cuomo has said he will not support a budget that does not include ethics reform in the wake of former Speaker Sheldon Silver’s arrest.

But Cuomo’s posture on inserting ethics legislation into spending bills has met opposition in the Legislature, where lawmakers want to be able to negotiate the finer points of the agreement.

Not introducing the bills, in essence, keeps the GOP conference’s options open in discussing the ethics issues with Cuomo.

So far, Skelos gave no indication the amendments would be introduced.

“We talked about a result,” Skelos said. “We didn’t talk about introducing, not introducing.”

Klein, the IDC leader, called the meeting a productive one.

“We really discussed about many of the issues that are in the 30-day amendments, trying to come up with an agreement,” Klein said.

Cuomo earlier in the day downplayed the disagreement with lawmakers.

“I will wager you there is no lawsuit,” Cuomo told reporters. “We have different points of view and we’re arguing it and working it through.