An analysis from the New York Public Interest Research Group released this morning found state lawmakers are busy this legislative session not just crafting a budget, but raising campaign cash in the state’s Capital city.

The report from the good-government organization found that state lawmakers and the top leadership in the Senate and Assembly have scheduled at least 118 fundraisers between January and the end of this month.

The list isn’t exclusive to Albany venues: The Republican Assembly Campaign Committee held a fundraiser in Buffalo and Gov. Andrew Cuomo plans to hold an event in April in New York City.

Of course, the campaign activity is in full swing only months after state lawmakers faced re-election in November for another two-year term. Attorney General Eric Schneiderman this week called for four-year terms for legislators in order to space out running for re-election and the fundraising needed to do so in order to focus on governing.

Here’s the full list from NYPIRG:

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