Expenses records filed with the state’s lobbying regulator show the education battle show at least $757,093 was spent by both pro-charter school groups or the statewide teachers union during January and February.

The figure is likely to grow when the organizations reveal their March and April lobbying data later in the year with the Joint Commission on Public Ethics.

The New York State United Teachers union alone spent $591,093 during the first two months of the year, with money being spent on travel to Albany for rallies, advertising and in-house printing and postage.

Records show that during the same time period last year, NYSUT spent a fraction of that amount on lobbying costs: $179,350.

NYSUT’s spending came as Gov. Andrew Cuomo proposed a series of changes to the state’s education policies, including a new criteria for teacher evaluations, a strengthening of charter schools and making it easier to close schools deemed to be “failing.”

In the end, Cuomo was able to have the Legislature adopt the evaluation criteria that would require at least one classroom test, plus in-classroom observations for teachers.

The budget includes a receivership plan for struggling schools and makes it more difficult for teachers to obtain tenure.

Overall, the education budget increased school aid by $1.3 billion.

NYSUT reported spending $246,614 on advertising purchases through media consultant Shorr Johnson Magnus. An additional $165,000 was paid to Visuality for advertising expenses, along with $30,000 for website development.

The Miram Group, a consultant firm, was paid $30,000 in February by NYSUT.

The prominent pro-charter and education reform groups did not file itemized spending reports in January and February.

Northeast Charter Schools Network reported spending $16,000, while the Success Academy network retained Albany Strategic Advisors for $120,000 and Bender Cantone for $6,000.

StudentsFirstNY, a group that has been aligned with Cuomo on his education reform measures, reported spending $30,000.

Families For Excellent Schools, which held a massive outdoor rally and concert at the Capitol in March, did not report any lobbying expenses in January and February.