From the Morning Memo:

New Yorkers Against Gun Violence is poised to release a new poll that shows widespread support among Empire State voters – including gun owners – for what the organization deems “common sense” firearms control measures.

The poll, conducted by the Boston-based firm Kiley & Co., (which, incidentally, is the same outfit the DCCC has been using for years), shows strong support for seven proposed gun safety bills.

The measures range from a safe storage requirement to a proposal that would require anyone convicted of domestic violence to have a firearm removed from his or her possession.

According to the poll, support was strong for a number of those measures in gun-owning households, though they did not much like the idea of the .50-caliber ban (which was juster voted down in a Senate committee) or limiting New Yorkers to just one gun purchase.

Also, 53 percent of poll respondents said they would be more inclined to vote for their own state legislator if he or she voted in favor of stronger gun laws. Fifty percent said they would be less inclined to vote for that individual if he or she were opposed to those measures.

These are particularly interesting findings given the ongoing upset – especially upstate – over the SAFE Act, which the governor signed into law in January 2013.

That was the last significant piece of gun control legislation passed in Albany, and some lawmakers have been working (without much hope of success while Cuomo is in office) to get it repealed ever since.

Recognizing that Albany presents something of a challenge, NYAGV has been focusing on local gun control initiatives, according to the organization’s executive director, Leah Gunn Barrett.

“We’ve been making progress at the local level in cities across the state,” she said. “Just like state laws will precede federal laws, local laws often precede state laws.”

“The lower down you can get in building grassroots support, the more success you’re going to have…The SAFE Act was made up of measures that were introduced year after year after year. We know it takes time to build support.”

NYAGV will hold its annual lobby day in Albany next Monday, which will be attended by students from across the state whose communities have been impacted by gun violence.

New Yorkers Against Gun Violence Poll by liz_benjamin6490