Gov. Andrew Cuomo was scheduled to appear at a fundraiser this evening in New York City, but now his office this afternoon says he will stay in Albany to hash out the end of session issues.

“The Governor will be in Albany this evening continuing to work to resolve rent regulations and other remaining open issues,” tweeted Cuomo spokeswoman Melissa DeRosa.

“The Gov has said that until rent regulations are resolved he will call the leg back for special session every day,” she added.

The acknowledgement that Cuomo will stay at the Capitol tonight comes after lawmakers in both the Assembly and Senate on Thursday afternoon said the negotiations remain in a fluid state and no deal on a range of unsettled issues has been finalized.

Cuomo has been largely out of public view since Sunday, when he appeared in Yonkers to announce a fund for struggling school districts.

Rent control regulations for New York City and the surrounding counties lapsed on Monday after Cuomo and state lawmakers failed to reach an agreement to keep them going.

Senate Republicans are seeking verification requirements for income and primary residency, while Assembly Democrats want an end to vacancy decontrol.

Cuomo has linked an extension of stronger rent control regulations to the creation of a tax credit designed to encourage donations to public schools and scholarship programs for private schools.

The GOP conference in the state Senate met for nearly two hours on Thursday afternoon, but lawmakers emerged to say little about the state of the talks.

“Not much has changed,” said Sen. Michael Razenhofer. “The hold up is there’s no agreement on a lot of the outstanding issues.”

Asked about whether the Senate will be in town on Friday, Razenhofer wouldn’t say.

“I expect to be here for the rest of the day and we’ll see how things go for the rest of the day,” he said.

Added Sen. Kathy Marchione: “From what I’ve just heard, we’re still in conversation and we’re working toward getting it resolved.”