Changes to the state’s education system are also included in a final deal between Governor Cuomo and legislative leaders, but a later deadline for the state’s new teacher evaluation criteria won’t be one of them, Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan said.

The new law with allow for the release of state tests and reduced field testing. It will also allow teachers to see an exam – and talk about it.

The Board of Regents will also be instructed to complete a review of the Common Core learning standards in New York. Flanagan said they’ll be looking at several factors, including whether the curriculum and testing is age appropriate and if the timing of the program is effective.

“It seems kind of crazy but the teacher has to administer an exam to a child in third grade,” Flanagan said, “but they don’t get the results until November when there’s been a summer, the teacher is no longer with that child and that child is no longer without that teacher.”

It’s all part of an effort to increase teacher performance to produce better results for students.

“Our sole focus, and I’m telling you to a person in our conference, is about parents and students, Flanagan said. “I’ve said it and I’ll say it again now, student outcomes, professional development, and good things for teachers.”

One thing that may be not-so-good for teachers – the deadline for a new teacher evaluation system will remain this November. There was talk of extending that until next year to give teachers time to adjust, but that will not be included in the final deal, Flanagan said.

The Senate Majority Leader did cite a record increase in education aid and further cuts to the gap elimination adjustment as wins for the conference this year.