Linking an extension of rent control to the passage of an education investment tax credit is an undesired package for the Democratic conference, Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie told reporters on Monday at the Capitol.

The legislative session concludes June 17, but rent control for New York City is due to expire next Monday.

One compromise measure could be to link an extension of rent control to the passage of the tax credit, a bill that has an uncertain future in the Democratic-led Assembly and is backed by parochial and private schools.

“I’m not looking to link things,” Heastie said. “Anything that we vote is because it’s something that the conference wants, not some convoluted package where people have to vote for things they don’t want. That’s not what we’re going to do.”

In theory, such a deal would have to take place over the next several days, though lawmakers in previous years have passed day-long extenders measures for rent control as talks progressed.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has threatened to keep lawmakers in Albany beyond the June 17 end date should a conclusion not be reached on rent control.

It’s also possible lawmakers would agree to extend rent control for one year and match up with the expiration of the state’s property tax cap. Still, that would come in an election year for all 213 legislative seats in the Assembly and Senate.

Assembly Democrats in April begrudgingly approved an spending spending plan that linked a boost in school aid to the adoption of education policy changes opposed by teachers unions.

Heastie said the current debate over linkage at the end of the session is different.

“I think this is a little different,” he said. “There’s no emergency appropriation bill that the Assembly has to consider.”