As their war of words appears to subside, UP4NYC on Monday released a new ad knocking Mayor Bill de Blasio’s proposal for modifying the 421a tax abatement and praising Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

De Blasio’s proposal would expand affordable housing under the abatement, which is due to expire this month.

Cuomo himself has not taken a formal position on what should be done with the abatement, but has indicated he is sympathetic to the arguments raised by labor groups like the AFL-CIO, who are pushing for a prevailing wage provision in the new measure.

“Under the mayor’s plan, the 421a tax break would be extended to 35 years. It is really a sweetheart deal for real estate developers, and I think everyone in Albany understands that,” said Pat Purcell, Executive Director, Greater NY Laborers-Employers Cooperation & Education Trust. “Last week we were very heartened to hear Governor Cuomo say he wasn’t interested in a deal like that, that he wanted to make sure that all workers were protected in a fair deal.”

Cuomo himself as referred to de Blasio’s proposal in similar language, telling reporters on Sunday that de Blasio’s push is a “sweetheart deal” for developers, many of whom have backed his political campaigns and are seen as closely aligned with the governor.

Still, both the governor and the mayor tempered their rhetoric in speaking with reporters today, with Cuomo saying he considers de Blasio a friend despite their disagreement on the issue.