Assembly Education Committee Chairwoman Cathy Nolan reiterated on Tuesday the Democratic conference remains opposed to the passage of an education tax credit, which Gov. Andrew Cuomo is linking the passage of stronger rent control laws.

In particular, Nolan pointed to what she said was unfair advantage in the proposed tax credit to the rich in making donations to preferred private schools.

“Many of us continue and I certainly continue to have concerns about a credit that would allow a very, very wealthy person to say I’m going to donate a million dollars to an alma mater in Massachusetts and then direct scholarship money out of state,” she said. “Obviously, there are a lot of concerns still about it.”

Nolan has introduced alternative bills in recent days that would provide for a deduction for middle-income families who send their children to primary and secondary schools.

Supporters note the tax credit bill doesn’t just help private and parochial schools, but is also designed to support donations directly to public schools as well as help teachers who use their own funds who purchase school supplies.

Assembly Democrats also remain opposed to the linkage of the tax credit to strong rent control regulations in New York City, which lapsed over midnight.

Senate Republicans are pushing for income and primary residency verification in a rent renewal and do not support changes to vacancy decontrol being sought by Cuomo and Assembly Democrats.

“I’m very happy that Speaker Heastie has been so strong in saying these things shouldn’t be linked and I support the speaker in that,” Nolan said.