A bill on today’s Active List in the State Senate would extend mayoral control of New York City public schools for one year until June 30th, 2016 – but there’s a catch.

The bill would also require Mayor Bill de Blasio to submit his education budget plan to legislative leaders in Albany and the state’s Budget Director. It would also eliminate regional caps for charter schools.

It does not raise the cap on charter schools, currently set at 460 on the state level. About a quarter of that is reserved for New York City. This bill would eliminate that city-specific cap.

As for charter school students, it would allow a preference of up to 20 percent of its students to be children of that school’s employees.

The timing of this bill could potentially create a sticky situation for lawmakers, both in Albany and New York City. If a one-year extension passes, lawmakers must act again during next year’s legislative session – and more importantly – an election year.

If they decided to bypass that conflict and pass a two-year extension, that may prove less than ideal for Mayor Bill de Blasio, who’s up for election in 2017.

The Assembly has already passed a bill that would bypass both situations – a three-year extension of mayoral control.

So far, no deal has been struck on this issue, which could remain a sticking point as lawmakers remain in Albany past the scheduled end to the legislative session.