deblasiocuomoGov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio are friends again.

That’s according to the governor himself, who today once again downplayed the feud between the two Democratic leaders that erupted this month following the conclusion of the legislative session.

“He’s a friend,” Cuomo said. “I’ve known him 30 years and I’ve worked with him for many years.”

Cuomo had previously said his relationship with de Blasio — who accused the governor in an interview with NY1 of undermining his agenda and siding with Senate Republicans — as “professional” and not “love-dovey.”

The governor was asked by a reporter to define friendship, leading Cuomo to deadpan: “You are not a friend.”

Cuomo in the weeks since de Blasio’s criticism has sought to bolster his ties with Democratic lawmakers in both the Senate and Assembly, as well as rivals like Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and potential mayoral hopefuls like Scott Stringer and Letitia James.

But the governor is also trying to turn the page on the airing of grievances, dismissing the questions about the feud as part of a “soap opera.”

“I have no comment on the mayor’s behavior, OK? He is frustrated, he didn’t get everything he wanted in the legislative session, and he vented,” Cuomo said. “By the way, I didn’t get everything I wanted in the legislative session.”

Cuomo added that he advised his father to not involve himself in the day-to-day public feuding.

“My father could have a fiery temper. I said, ‘Rise above.’ You’re the governor, you’re the grownup,” Cuomo said. “I gave my father good advice and I’m going to follow the advice I gave my father.”