A day after Gov. Andrew Cuomo approved an executive order empowering his office to investigate cases in which police kill civilians, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman formed a new special investigations and prosecutions unit within his office.

Schneiderman is turning to Alvin Bragg to lead the unit, which will be charged with investigating cases in which civilians die in confrontations with police.

Bragg is the current executive deputy attorney general for social justice and is a former assistant U.S. attorney from the Southern District in New York.

At a news conference unveiling the special investigations team, Schneiderman said that while his office will have the power to supersede district attorneys in police-related cases, he hopes to work with local authorities.

“We will work with local law enforcement authorities,” Schneiderman said. “We expect the cooperation of the district attorneys.”

Schneiderman had sought the power of special prosecutor since late last year after a spate of deaths of unarmed black men involving police roiled cities across the country.

Cuomo and state lawmakers could not come to an agreement on a broader package of criminal justice measures, such as changes to the grand jury system as well as a special monitor for certain police-related cases.

Cuomo had indicated to families of those who died in interactions with police that he would appoint Schneiderman special prosecutor should an agreement not be reach.

On Wednesday, Cuomo indicated that while the executive order will last for 12 months, he hopes a legislative agreement can be reached on the issue.

The order gives Schneiderman’s office the authority to investigate and prosecute cases in which police kill unarmed civilians. Cases in which civilians are killed, but may have been armed or considered dangerous could also be reviewed, but with the attorney general’s discretion.

Schneiderman at the news conference Thursday morning said he hopes his office won’t have to exercise its new authority, but is ready to do so.

“We are prepared to handle whatever comes,” he said.