stefanikprofileRepublican Rep. Elise Stefanik is the latest lawmaker to join fellow GOP lawmaker Chris Gibson in backing a resolution that acknowledges climate change is caused by human activity and should be combated.

“Climate change is a serious issue that we must address and I am proud to join Congressman Gibson on this resolution,” Stefanik said. “This resolution strikes the careful balance between the priority of addressing the global threat of climate change and the importance of protecting and creating American jobs. New York’s 21st district is the proud home of the Adirondacks and we understand that protecting our environment plays an important role in promoting economic growth and opportunity.”

Stefanik, like Gibson, represents a district that has been considered an electoral battleground over the last several election cycles.

In a statement signing on to the resolution urging action on climate change, Gibson says the debate shouldn’t be “caught up in partisan politics.”

“Yet, this conversation is key to the preservation of our great country for generations to come, as important as ensuring we have fiscally responsible policies to secure our future,” Gibson said. “For that reason, I believe the most important first step forward is recognizing that this is also a fundamentally conservative issue, and finding common ground on how to address it.”

Gibson, however, is not running for re-election in the 19th congressional district in the Hudson Valley as he considers a potential bid for statewide office.