Republican Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan credited the leader of the Independent Democratic Conference Jeff Klein on Tuesday for advancing the paid family leave issue in the Legislature.

“Jeff Klein was way ahead of the curve on this and has put out proposals for the last couple of years,” Flanagan told a group of reporters following a news conference on agriculture issues. “I know several of our members have a keen interest in it as well.”

Klein, a Bronx Democrat who has been aligned with Senate Republicans, introduced legislation this week that allow workers who have four or more weeks in a row at a location earn some of their wage while on leave to care for a relative or a child.

Klein’s bill, which has no same-as bill in the Assembly, would allow employees that have worked four or more consecutive weeks at a location to earn parts of their wages while on leave to care for a relative or a child with a serious health condition.

The program once fully phased in would allow employees to earn 80 percent of their average weekly wage. Mainline Senate Democrats, too, have backed paid-family leave legislation in the Senate.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s legislation would require a $1 deduction from an employee’s paycheck once fully phased in.

Flanagan indicated that he was open to a compromise on paid-family leave, saying the GOP conference is studying other states that have such programs in place.

“The fact that it’s an employee-based contribution is a significant change and there are a number of other states that have paid family leave,” he said. “We are in the throes of looking at other models if you will and seeing what’s going on in other states.”

Flanagan was not bullish using an expanded temporary disability insurance fund to pay for the measure, which is supported by Assembly Democrats.

“I’m amazed that has not gone up in decades, so what the cost factors would be in that,” he said. “I’m honestly not sure at this point.”