It’s been a recurring trend when it comes to the New York State Assembly Ethics Committee investigation into Western New York Assemblywoman Angela Wozniak. Her attorney Steve Cohen said, in general, the media has had more information about what’s going on with the investigation than he has.

That was the case again when a source told Capital Tonight’s Zack Fink to expect sanctions for Wozniak on Thursday. Cohen said he is expecting the committee’s report but doesn’t anticipate any punishment for his client.

“I just don’t think the facts could support any of those accusations or charges,” he said.

The attorney admitted if the committee concludes there was merit to accusations Wozniak sexually harassed and retaliated against a male staffer, he believes there could be trouble. He said because Wozniak is the only registered Conservative on the New York State Legislature, she is a political target.

“It is my expectation that Democrat Carl Heastie, that Democrat Charles Lavine are probably going to come down harder on her than they would on anyone else and let’s not forget Sheldon Silver was not sanctioned by the Assembly Ethics Committee,” he said.

A source told Fink the sanctions would include not allowing Wozniak to have interns and assigning somebody to monitor her office.

“I believe that would be completely unwarranted here. It is my position based on what I know of the case. It is my opinion, my belief that the accuser manipulated this situation and putting in a monitor to monitor Angela Wozniak would be entirely inappropriate.”

Cohen said he and Wozniak are hoping to put the investigation behind her but they can’t make any final decisions until they see the report. He is not ruling out an appeal though.