State Conservative Party Chairman Mike Long in an interview on Wednesday said he is opposed to the current daily fantasy sports proposal, saying the measure is an expansion of gambling in the state.

“It’s not news to anyone that we’re opposed to the expansion of gambling in the state,” Long said. “The party has always been opposed to gambling. But what I’m really opposed to now is we have more outside forces dealing with fantasy games. There’s no other word for it, that’s what it is.”

At the same time, Long said that if lawmakers do let the bill go forward, it should include casino and racino operators — a position in line with the push from the New York Gaming Association, which is trying to block a DFS agreement.

“If they’re going to go down that road, why weaken the institutions you’re already creating? Why bring other forces in?” Long said. “Why bring other companies in that siphon money in from the state of New York.”

Allowing the current bill to go forward wouldn’t provide a public benefit, Long noted, saying the measure as its current proposed doesn’t address problem gambling nor does it send revenue toward education.

“One thing the casinos and racinos have is they have programs that deal with the problems gambling creates,” he said. “That’s not the case with these outside groups.”

Long’s position comes as lawmakers have reached a tentative agreement on allowing daily fantasy sports in New York, following a legal challenge from Attorney General Eric Schneiderman last year.

Major operators DraftKings and FanDuel agreed to suspend activity in New York while a regulatory structure was developed for the business.