Updated: A separate source has provided a different, more complete recording of the call. The caller identifies herself in this version of the audio as Sue Ann Fisher, the first vice chair of the county committee.

The initial audio did not include the identifying information from Fisher’s original recording of the call on Rayburn’s behalf.

Updated X2: Here’s a statement from Mike Sigler, the communications director for Rayburn’s campaign.

“Once again the liberal Senate Republicans are up to their dirty tricks. This time sinking to a new low of doctoring a Robo call.

They are afraid and they should be, because Floyd Rayburn is not going to stand for their typical shenanigans that brought us common core, higher taxes and the unconstitutional safe act.

Someone in the Senate Leadership owes First VICE Chairwoman Fisher an apology. Someone owes Floyd Rayburn an explanation. And someone owes the people of the 54th senate district a whole lot better than they are getting.”

Here’s the original post:

A robocall in the crowded primary for the 54th Senate district in western New York is causing a stir.

The call, purportedly from someone identifying themselves as the Seneca County Republican chair, urges GOP voters to back Floyd Rayburn for the nomination.

“As chairman of the Seneca County Republican Party, I’m calling to remind you that tomorrow, September 13, is the Republican primary for state Senate,” the call states. “I’m also calling to ask you to vote for Floyd Rayburn.”

The call, audio of which was obtained by Capital Tonight, is clearly of a woman’s voice. The Seneca County Republican chair is a man — Lee Davidson — and according to one GOP operative did not authorize the call.

“This is the latest in a series of negative, dishonest attacks from Floyd Rayburn’s negative and dishonest campaign,” the operative said.

The candidate backed by Senate Republicans to replacing the retiring incumbent, Michael Nozzolio, is Pam Helming.