From the Morning Memo:

Donald Trump’s campaign closed ranks in the wake of the “Access Hollywood” tape scandal, with some Republicans reaffirming their support for their nominee even as House Speaker Paul Ryan made it clear his relationship with the party’s standard bearer is officially over.

Rep. Chris Collins, the first sitting congressman to endorse Trump for president, may have made the strongest statement of anyone.

Collins, a Buffalo Republican, appeared on “The Situation Room” with Wolf Blitzer yesterday evening. Referring to the recording in which Trump crudely bragged about fondling women, the host pressed the congressman on what – if anything – the presidential nominee would have to do to lose his support.

“My breaking point in supporting Donald Trump, I’m not sure there ever would be, considering Hillary Clinton and her actions, her lies to America,” Collins replied.

Collins said he was indeed disappointed by the comments Trump made in that 2005 recording, but also insisted Clinton’s actions have been worse than Trump’s words were. He said he’s not the only one who feels that way, either.

“I think the majority of our members in Congress are still solidly behind Donald Trump because we know what this country would look like with four years of Hillary Clinton in office,” Collins insisted.

But Ryan, after emergency meetings at which Republicans expressed panic over Trump’s potential to negatively impact down-ballot races – perhaps putting the majority in jeopardy for the GOP along with control of the U.S. Senate – said he plans on turning all his attention to keeping his party in power.

Collins shrugged off Ryan’s defection, noting the speaker had never been a big Trump supporter.

“Paul Ryan never has defended Donald Trump; he’s focused on maintaining our majority in the house,” the congressman said. “Again, I don’t see that any different than we’ve had for the last few months.

Blitzer followed up, mentioning the speaker had planned to campaign with Trump this past weekend before the tape surfaced, and then effectively disinvited the nominee from the event.

“I would say Saturday was a very raw day if you will after that video came out,” Collins allowed. “It was disappointing to a lot of us.”