From the Morning Memo:

New York Republican Chairman Ed Cox criticized Democrats, including Gov. Andrew Cuomo, for being slow to criticize members of their own party on sexual misconduct.

The comments come after Cuomo sharply criticized Republicans for standing by presidential candidate Donald Trump in the wake of a video from 2005 that showed him making lewd comments about women and boasting about sexual assault.

But Cox, who is standing by Trump in the scandal, pushed back by pointing to various sex scandals of the past.

“He didn’t say that about Vito Lopez when he abused women in the Assembly,” he said. “He didn’t say that about Speaker Silver when Speaker Silver covered that up with $200,000 or more of hush money. He didn’t say that about the sex texting of minors from Anthony Weiner.”

Cuomo did eventually blast Silver’s handling of the Lopez case and called for Lopez’s ouster from the chamber. And he most recently rebuked the latest texting scandal surrounding Weiner, who had contact with an underage girl, suggesting he could receive jail time. But he had initially dismissed the payments made to Lopez’s accusers, saying they weren’t confidential.

Cox called Cuomo “a mean little man on a hypocritical high horse and saying this is a black or white, either you’re for or against, when he’s not willing to condemn people in his own party.”

And, taking a cue from the Trump campaign itself, Cox knocked Cuomo for not criticizing former President Bill Clinton’s own sexual misconduct.

“When he does that then he can perhaps make the charge that he just made,” Cox said.