Before Gov. Andrew Cuomo took the stage in New York City on Monday to deliver the first of six regional State of the State addresses, Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan in a statement called for the legislative session to focus on job creation, clean water efforts and fighting addiction.

Flanagan is remaining majority leader after an election year in which his conference was expected to at least lose several seats in the chamber, but is returning with no net changes and a preserved alliance with the Independent Democratic Conference.

But his conference is also taking a more aggressive approach with Cuomo and his agenda this year, indicating plans to strengthen oversight of key areas, including economic development controlled by the governor’s office.

“Today, Governor Cuomo will embark on a six-stop State of the State tour, giving himself six chances to lay out an agenda that focuses on the serious challenges facing hardworking taxpayers and their families,” Flanagan said in a statement. “Consistent with what we are hearing from our constituents and job creators from across the state, I hope the Governor will join us in supporting a real jobs plan that provides new opportunities for workers and eases regulatory burdens so businesses can succeed and grow.”

Flanagan’s pre-buttal was light on specifics, though he reiterated previous Senate GOP positions: Enshrining a 2 percent spending cap for the budget into law, combating addiction and Lyme disease among them.

He also specifically addressed the decline in the state’s population, saying he will propose measures designed “to address affordability” in New York.

“And, I hope he will put forth measures long supported by the members of our conference to help families afford the rising cost of child care and higher education that are sensible, paid for, and don’t pierce the spending limits we’ve maintained over the last six years,” Flanagan said.