From the Morning Memo:

Ride-hailing Uber app on Monday is releasing a new web ad that urges the expansion of its service outside of New York City.

“Ridesharing apps like Uber would help boost the Upstate economy, attract startups, reduce drunk driving and just make it a whole lot easier to get from here to there,” the ad’s narrator says. “New York City and 47 other states have it, but special interests are putting a stop to it here.”

A ride-hailing provision to allow the service outside of New York City was included in Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s $152 billion budget plan. Efforts last year to expand ride hailing to other parts of the state faltered in the Legislature, and Cuomo pushed to have the measure taken up in a special session that failed to materialize at the end of the year.

“Every day that Upstate New Yorkers don’t have access to safe and reliable ridesharing services is another day that they are being unfairly left behind New York City and the rest of the country,” said Uber NY’s general manager, Josh Mohrer. “Upstate residents have said loud and clear that they want Uber in their communities. Now it’s up to the Legislature to listen to them, instead of New York City special interests standing in their way.”

The ad is being released as the company amid online protests over the company providing service to JFK during a taxi strike at the airport over President Donald Trump’s executive order limiting travel from refugees and migrants from seven countries.

Amid that controversy, Cuomo in a news conference on Sunday reiterated his support for expanding ride hailing in the state.

“Today, Gov. Cuomo continued to show progressive leadership by supporting immigrants and denouncing any orders to reject them. As he learns more about Uber’s decision to undermine a taxi worker protest against the Muslim ban, we hope Gov. Cuomo will join New Yorkers in condemning Uber’s behavior as well,” said Dustin Jones of United for Equal Access New York in a statement released by a consortium of taxi companies opposed to the ride hailing expansion. “This isn’t about ridesharing – this is about a company’s decision to pick profits over progressive New York values.”