Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday in a rare public cabinet meeting insisted there was enough independent oversight of the state’s economic development programs, pointing to local and federal prosecutors already in place.

“You do have independent oversight, right? That’s called 62 district attorneys, an attorney general, U.S. attorneys in the Southern District, Northern District, etc.,” Cuomo said during a question-and-answer session. “That is independent oversight. Obviously it’s been effective independent oversight. So you can’t say there isn’t independent oversight.”

Pressed if he believes those institutions are sufficient, Cuomo said, “I’m saying there’s enough.”

Cuomo’s budget proposal includes language that would create a chief procurement official to oversee state contracting and purchases. At the same time, Cuomo wants to broaden the purview of the inspector general when it comes to overseeing non-profit entities under the control of the state and city university systems.

All officials are and would be under the appointment of the governor.

Good-government groups have decried the proposal for lacking sufficient independence, while Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has also raised concerns as well with the potential arrangement.

Unshackle Upstate, a business-backed group that has been critical of the governor, in a statement urged no changes be made to the Regional Economic Development Councils, such as requiring members to disclose financial information, which has been floated by some lawmakers.

“These volunteers already abide by a stringent code of conduct, which requires recusal from any project that poses a conflict of interest,” said Greg Biryla, the group’s executive director.

Cuomo is making the proposed changes after the arrests of prominent upstate developers, former SUNY Polytechnic leader Alain Kaloyeros and Joe Percoco, a former top aide and confidant to the governor, in a bribery and bid-rigging case.