Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been a staunch and consistent critic of the president’s executive order that temporarily halted immigration from seven predominantly Muslim countries.

Last week, a panel of federal judges upheld a lower court decision blocking it, but President Trump told reporters the administration plans to roll out a retooled immigration order next week.

Hours later, Cuomo maintained his disagreement with the intent of the ban during a stop in Western New York.

“In New York, immigration is accepted,” he said. “In New York, immigration’s part of life. We get that we are all from somewhere else.”

A reporter pointed out to the governor that he has utilized the same executive order mechanism of which he’s been criticizing POTUS for taking advantage.

In an effort to circumvent the Legislature, Cuomo has unilaterally enacted some initiatives throughout his tenure, most recently addressing pay equity for state employees and employees of state contractors last month.

The governor scoffed at any comparison between what he did and what Trump did, however, saying:

“My point was, I disagree with philosophy. The executive order as a mechanism was not the germane point here. It was and is the philosophy of being anti-immigrant.”