From the Morning Memo:

High Achievement New York on Wednesday is launching a social media campaign aims at boosting reading standards in New York schools.

The media effort dovetails with a State Education Department effort for a final version of revised English Language Arts education standards for grades 3 through 8.

The campaign will include a series of four Facebook ads. At the same time, the group has sent a letter to the Board of Regents asking the committee recommendation include text complexity and grade-level reading as of the standards for ELA.

“It’s simple: reading at grade level is the fundamental foundation for a quality education. It creates equity and paves the way for student success,” said Stephen Sigmund, the executive director of High Achievement New York.

“And for too long millions of young people, particularly in communities of color, were allowed to fall behind their grade level in reading and instead put on a path to finish school unprepared for college or a 21st Century workplace. That’s why it is critical for the Regents and SED to commit to high reading standards.”

A copy of the Facebook ads can be found here.