From the Morning Memo:

The president of the Buffalo Teachers Federation does not believe the school district should be responsible for board member Carl Paladino’s legal fees.

Paladino is currently being defended by former state AG Dennis Vacco as four separate organizations are seeking to have him removed from office as a result of the inflammatory remarks he made last December to a Buffalo weekly newspaper about now former President Obama and his wife.

The board of education, the Buffalo Parent-Teacher Organization, the District Parent Coordinating Council and the BTF have all filed petitions with the state Education Department asking Commissioner MaryEllen Elia to oust Paladino from the seat to which he was first elected in 2013, and re-elected in 2016.

“He has said himself that he was not acting as a board member, he was acting as a personal citizen with his First Amendment rights,” BTF President Phil Rumore said of Paladino.

Rumore said if Paladino is defending himself against actions taken as a private citizen, he should not be able to use district money to do so.

He also believes Paladino forfeited his right to have his legal bills covered by the taxpayers by publicly disclosing confidential information discussed in an executive session.

The rest of the board of education – sans Paladino himself – retained a private attorney to represent them in this matter, which will be paid for by the district.

Paladino said he cannot comment on anything involving the ongoing litigation.