Rep. Chris Collins and President Donald Trump looked a lot like old friends as they sat side by side yesterday at the White House during a meeting of some of the president’s earliest supporters that the Western New York congressman organized at Trump’s request.

“Today’s meeting demonstrated the loyalty President Trump has for the people that stood with him from the beginning,” Collins said after the get together.

The congressman said the discussion, which lasted more than 45 minutes, covered everything from infrastructure funding to healthcare and tax reform.

“President Trump has delivered on promise after promise so far during his presidency,” Collins said. “I look forward to this being the first of many meetings with President Trump, and will continue relaying the important interests of Western New York directly to the White House.”

Southern Tier Republican Rep. Tom Reed also attended, and said continued communication and partnership with the White House can only be good for his constituents.

“Things like promoting US manufacturing, reforming our tax code or making college affordable for all will bring our nation come together so all will have the opportunity to succeed,” Reed said. “Therefore, I value our relationship with the President and greatly appreciate the President providing me an opportunity to have it.”

Reed also said he came away from the meeting, which he described as “very candid” and “direct,” that there’s “just nothing there on the Russia issue.” He was speaking of reports that members of Team Trump were in contact with Russian officials both during and after the presidential election last year.

It was Michael Flynn’s lying to Vice President Mike Pence about discussions Flynn had with Russia’s ambassador to the United States regarding sanctions against Russia that cost the now-former White House national security advisor his job.

Reed said the president made it clear during the meeting – as he did at yesterday’s freewheeling, 80-minute press conference – that he’s mostly concerned about how information about the conversations with Russia leaked out of the White House.

“He said he would get to the bottom of it,” Reed told The Buffalo News. “It’s the leaking of classified information, a real national security risk.”