Gov. Andrew Cuomo released a 472-word statement on Monday evening blasting Reps. Chris Collins and John Faso for supporting the House Republican health care bill and the push to have the state assume county Medicaid costs.

Cuomo, in the statement, even brings back a vintage 2014 attack the Democratic Committee leveled at his Republican opponent, Rob Astorino, who had joked in a Capital Tonight interview that “soup is good” when asked about dental care being cut.

“It would be nice if Congressmen Collins and Faso actually tried to help their districts rather than hurt them,” Cuomo said in the statement.

“These health care cuts are on top of a dizzying array of cuts to real New Yorkers. The Republican budget cuts housing assistance, food stamps, heating projects, community development funds – all at the expense of the middle class and working families – while they cut taxes for the wealthiest Americans. They won’t get away with it. They can’t play New Yorkers as fools and New Yorkers will remember. The bill for Congressmen Collins and Faso’s rabid conservative zealotry will be paid by Upstate New York’s hard working families, and those families will know exactly who to thank.”

Previously, the administration had released a statement signed by Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul attacking Collins’s amendment. The statement released Monday is the most extensive to date from Cuomo registering his criticism of House Republicans, including two New Yorkers.