There is not an agreement yet on a final state budget, Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie said on Tuesday, even after Gov. Andrew Cuomo suggested deals had been reached on raising the age of criminal responsibility to 18 or allowing ride hailing apps to operate outside of New York City.

“I would say progress has been made on a lot of issues, but when all these things are interconnected for an issue that’s largely important to either us, the Senate or the governor that has not been dealt with, there’s no deal,” he said. “We haven’t really agreed to anything.”

Heastie met with Cuomo and legislative staff for about an hour on Tuesday afternoon. Heastie said the raise the age issue — a key policy concern for him — was not the main topic of discussion.

“I wasn’t speaking to the governor about specific bills. I was expressing to the conference where we are on certain things,” he said. “But there are no final deals on anything.”

At the same time, Heastie said Cuomo was “entitled to that opinion” when it came the the governor’s concern the budget could potentially be an “extender” measure given the uncertainty at the federal level. Walking back to the Assembly chamber, Heastie would not say if he believed Cuomo was using the federal government as a scapegoat or bluff in the budget.

“If we get a budget and things are that bad, we’ll always be ready and willing to come back,” Heastie said.