State lawmakers are bending to the reality of the clock and the calendar: A Saturday working day in Albany appears increasingly likely a budget agreement on Thursday night remained elusive.

The Assembly and Senate both concluded session in the afternoon on Thursday, and the Assembly Democrats broke from a closed-door meeting that last just under an hour.

Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie is not expected to meet with Gov. Andrew Cuomo for the rest of the night.

“We’re going to continue to work on the issues that divide us and we’re going to continue to work on additional education aid that’s one of the things very important to us,” said Assembly Majority Leader Joe Morelle. “Obviously, raise the age is very important to us and a whole host of issues. Obviously we don’t have agreement. We’re going to continue to work through the night and through the day tomorrow and hopefully we will have an agreement.”

As for the possibility of a Saturday session — either to vote on bills, or even continue negotiating — the door is now open to that.

“I’ve told members that they should prepare to be here as long as we can be productive and I think members know we’re going to be here very late tomorrow, potentially into Saturday,” Morelle said. “I think the members know this is important work and they are important to the process.”

A range of outstanding issues remain: Lawmakers in the black and Puerto Rican caucus met privately to air their concerns with a measure designed to raise the age of criminal responsibility in New York to 18 that some feel leans too heavily on criminal courts.

“I wouldn’t characterize it as a blow up,” Morelle said. “I think the members of the caucus and others in the Democratic conference know raise the age is very, very important to us.”

At the same time, ride hailing for upstate New York is not yet fully settled: Lawmakers are still undecided on to direct revenue from sales tax generated by individual hails.

Lawmakers could back an extender bill on Friday and return on Monday, a regularly scheduled session day. But there’s been very little discussion publicly, at least so far, on whether that has become a real option again after Cuomo raised the possibility earlier in the week.