Outspoken businessman and Buffalo Public School Board member Carl Paladino is once again being criticized for sharing racially-charged material. Paladino sent out a series of internet memes to his email contacts on Monday about a variety of different topics.Paladino_Meme

Among them was one that said, “March is national Stop Blaming White People Month! Accept responsibility for your own bad choices. Hug a white person!”

Just before Christmas, Paladino made comments to alternative Buffalo weekly Artvoice about his wishlist for 2017. In it he said he would like then-First Lady Michelle Obama to return to Zimbabwe and live in a cave with a gorilla.

Protesters throughout the community have since called for him to be removed from the school board for his comments. The state education commissioner is still considering several formal petitions for removal.

Paladino also made headlines when he was running for governor of New York in 2010 for allegedly forwarding objectionable emails, including one showing an African tribal dance labeled “Obama Inauguration Rehearsal.”

Paladino did not directly comment on the meme but did address a scathing op-ed piece written by Daily Public columnist Alan Bedenko, one of his more vocal critics. Bedenko called him a white nationalist on Tuesday.

“It’s pure unadulterated humor,” Paladino said. “Bedenko should get a life. Nobody reads his s—.”