Members of the Buffalo Public School Board called Carl Paladino’s claims of a coordinated attack against his freedom of speech, baseless. Last week, Paladino’s attorney notified the state education commissioner of their plans to file a federal lawsuit and asked her to stop moving forward with three appeals to remove him from the board until it had played out in court.

Attorney Dennis Vacco said an invoice from the board member’s lawyer proved they recruited parents and teachers to petition Paladino be removed based on remarks he made about the Obamas late last year. This came after, Vacco alleged, the board’s lawyer advised members that it was not legal to take action based on those comments.

Meanwhile, the BOE based its appeal for Paladino’s removal on the grounds that he may have violated the rules of executive session.

“We have acted properly at all times in pursuing the allegations in the petition to the Commissioner, and believe that Mr. Paladino is leveling his latest round of baseless allegations in an attempt to distract from his misconduct, and the fact that he has submitted no evidence to the Commissioner that justifies his unlawful disclosure of confidential information,” Board President Barbara Seals Nevergold said.

Nevergold said members looks forward to the commissioner rendering a decision. A spokesperson for State Ed says the commissioner can not make a ruling on the requests for stays from Paladino’s camp because the lawsuit has not been filed yet.