The good-government organization Reclaim New York on Thursday praised the transparency steps being taken by Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner.

“At every level of government, proactive citizen oversight is needed to fight against corruption, waste, and abuse,” said the group’s executive director, Brandon Muir. “A strong Open Data policy, like the one the Mayor has proposed, allows citizens to see on demand how their government is operating, and better hold officials accountable.”

Miner, who is due to leave office this year because of term limits, has occasionally been named as a possible candidate for the state Senate or even governor. She has had a strained relationship with Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who has come under criticism for his own transparency record.

“There is a night and day difference between a government with Open Data standards, and one without them,” Muir said. “That is why Reclaim New York includes such a policy in our transparency indicators, which provide a road map for local governments to become more accessible.”